Winter Wonderland Discounts

다음은 회전식입니다. 이미지를 탐색하려면 왼쪽 또는 오른쪽으로 넘기거나, 다음 및 이전 버튼을 누르세요.

The most underrated season in West Sonoma County!  Perfect for a peaceful cozy getaway surrounded by nature. Spend quality time in comfort sharing wine and stories in your heated room, with the stunning view of an overcast scene on the Russian River. Sonoma coast winters are mild, so take an afternoon hike through redwoods or along the shoreline, have a tasing tour of the highest quality local wine, and explore the charm of local shops and artisan crafts. 

*  Stay three nights Mid-week Sunday thru Thursday to save 25% on your stay

*  Extend your weekend! Save 50% on an extra night when you stay Thursday or Sunday, before and after an existing reservation 

Direct bookings only, cannot be combined.  Please call us when booking, or be sure to type 'Winter Special' in the booking box to use this special and save! 


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